Reactive Orange 84

Name:C.I.Reactive Orange 84,C.I.292810

Molecular Structure: Double azo class

C.I.Reactive Orange 84,C.I.292810,CAS 91261-29-9,1850.29,C58H30Cl2N14Na8O26S8,Reactive Orange HE4R,Reactive Orange KE-R

C.I.Reactive Orange 84,C.I.292810,CAS 91261-29-9,1850.29,C58H30Cl2N14Na8O26S8,Reactive Orange HE4R,Reactive Orange KE-R

Molecular Formula:C58H30Cl2N14Na8O26S8

Molecular Weight: 1850.29

CAS Registry Number:91261-29-9

Manufacturing Methods :  2,4,6-Trichloro-1,3,5-triazine and 7-Amino-4-hydroxynaphthalene-2-sulfonic acid condensation, 2-Aminonaphthalene-1,5-disulfonic acid diazo, and condensation things coupled, coupling objects (2 Moore) and 2,2′-Disulfo-4,4,diaminobibenzene condensation.

Properties and Applications: orange. Mainly used for cotton or viscose fiber dyeing, apply to roll dye, dyeing, also can be used to knot dyeing. Can also be used for the polyester/cotton, polyester/stick blended fabric dyeing.

Standard Light Fastness Oxygen bleaching Persperation Fastness Soaping
Fading Stain Fading Stain Fading Stain
ISO 3-4 4 4 5(Acid) 5 4 4-5

List of Suppliers:

Reactive Orange HE4R,Reactive Orange KE-R

Hubei Hwalle Dyestuff Industry Co.,Ltd.

Taixing Jinji Dyestuff Co.,Ltd

Active Orange HE-R( Aashiana Dyestuffs Inc )

Adiactive Orange HE2R( Asian Dyestuff Industries )

Akreact Orange HE-R(Aakash Chemicals & Dyestuffs Inc)

Ambifix Orange HER( Thai Ambica Chemicals Co Ltd )

Apollocion Orange H-ER ( Taiheung Corp )

Assofix Orange HER( Associated Intermediates & Chemicals )

Begative Orange HD-R( PT Colorindo Aneka Chemicals )

Best Reactive Orange HER ( Oriental Giant Dyes and Chemical Ind Corp )

Britactive Orange HER ( Britacel Silicones Ltd )

Chromafix Orange HE-R ( Chrochem AG )

Chromative Orange HT-R ( Cote Color Corp. )

Cosmoactive Orange HER fU] ( Cosmonaut. Chemicals )

Cotfix Orange HER( Nuchem Dyestuff Pvt Ltd )

Dinactive Orange HER(Dintex Dyechem Ltd)

Dyactive Orange R( Albion Colours Ltd? )

Dyetron Orange HER ( Jagson Colorchem Ltd )

Eniativo HE-R( Enia Industries Quimicas S.A. )

Evercion Orange H-ER(Eveiiight Chemical Industrial Corp)

Hariactive Orange HER( Bhavi International Ltd )

Indocron Orange HER( Indokem Ltd )

Indofix Orange HERI ( Indo Colchem Ltd )

Intracron Orange E-R (Yorkshire Group pic)

Intracron Orange HER(Classic Dyestuffs Inc)

Itofix Orange CT5R ( LJ Specialities Ltd )

Jakofix Brilliant Orange HE2R(jay Chemical Industries Ltd)

Jupiter Orange HER( Jupiter Dyes Pvt Ltd )

Kemactive Orange HER( Karsandas Mavji )

LamafIx Orange HER ( Laxmi Chemicals )

Libactive Orange LHE2R( Liberty Exports Ltd )

Libactive Orange LHER ( Liberty Exports Ltd )

Meactive Orange HER( Astik Dyestuff Pvt Ltd )

Meactive Orange HER( MV Products Inc. )

Monaryl Orange HER(Monarch Dyestuffs Industries)

Orange HE2R(United Chemie)

Orange HER( Modern Dyestuffs & Pigments Co Ltd )

Orange HERL ( Sharda International )

Orange KE-4R(Hubei Hwalle Dyestuff Industry Co Ltd)

Orco Reactive Orange I-R( Organic Dyestuffs Corp )

Permabril Orange HER( Standard Dyes )

Pidictive Orange HE2R( Pidilite Industries Ltd. )

Polkative Orange HT-R( PT Polkrik Chemicals Co )

Procion Brilliant Orange H-ER( Atul Limited )

Procion Orange HER(Classic Dyestuffs Inc)

Procion Orange H-ER( Imperial Chemical Industries )

Ramacion Orange HER( Ram Ratna International )

Reactive Orange HER ( Radha Dye Chem )

Reactive Orange HER(Amar Impex)

Reactive Orange HER( Metrochem Industries Ltd )

Reactive Orange HER(Classic Dyestuffs Inc)

Reactive Orange H-ER ( Global Colors Inc. )

Reactive Orange KE-R (Sinochem Ningbo Imp & Exp Corp)

Reactofix Orange SERI ( Jaysynth Dyechem Ltd )

Reactron Orange HER(Amar Dye Chem Ltd)

Remazol Orange HER (Classic Dyestuffs Inc)

Rifacion Orange H-ER(Rifa Industrial Co Ltd)

Rite Reactive Orange HER ( Rite Industries Inc. )

Rite Reactive Orange HER (Classic Dyestuffs Inc)

Saptactive Orange HE2R ( S&D Chemicals Ltd )

Serifix Orange HER ( Serene Industries Ltd. )

Simactive Orange (Simpsons (UK) Ltd)

Sinarcion Orange HE-R ( Sinar Syno Kimia )

Solaction Orange HERN(Classic Dyestuffs Inc)

Superactive Orange HER ( Sabari Dye Chem Industries )

Triacion Orange SE-R (Chemische Fabriek Triade BV)

Tulactiv Orange ER ( Atul Limited )

Ushatron Orange 84( Ushanti Colour Chem Pvt Ltd )

Viactive Orange HE2R ( Renepe (UK) Ltd )

Vicoactive Orange HER(Victory Colour Chem Industries)

Vilmafix Orange R-HE ( Viatron Industries Ltd )

Youhaoreactive Orange KE-G 7612(Sinochem Tianjin Imp Exp Corp)

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